2018 Summer Intern Class

Congratulations to our 2018 Summer Interns Class!

Five college students joined DIEPS this summer to work on MISMS projects.

MISMS interns Allison Randy-Cofie, Garret Kern, Felix Wu, Anne Lheem, Josh Grubbs (front row, left to right)

Allison Randy-Cofie, Amherst College ’19

Project: Bioinformatics. Generating sub-sampled data sets of influenza A viruses from human, swine, equine, avian and canine hosts for all segments of the viral genome

Anne Lheem, Harvard University ’21

Project: Epidemiology. Identifying associations between influenza virus activity and antibiotic use on a global scale.

Felix Wu, Amherst College ’22

Project: Bibliometrics. Conducting a review of the publications produced by the MISMS and RAPIDD programs to assess their scientific impact and geographical diversity of co-authorship (published in Epidemics).

Garret Kern, Brown University ’22

Project: Bioinformatics. Creating a tool in Python to facilitate the downsampling of large genetic data sets by specified criteria (host, location, time, etc.). Creating R code to visualize pathogen data collected in humans and animal hosts (published in the Journal of Infectious Diseases)

Josh Grubs, Duke University ’18

Project: Biosafety. Creating protocols for chemical safety for use in Pakistan and other developing countries.