Aba Mahamat, MD, PhD

General Hospital, Cayenne, French Guiana

Originally from Cayenne, the capital of the French overseas region of French Guiana, Aba Mahamat, MD, PhD was a visiting researcher at Fogarty from November 2010 to March 2011. During his time at the NIH, he studied the epidemiology of influenza in the equatorial regions of the Americas, working closely with Wladimir Alonso, PhD and other MISMS scientists and collaborators. Dr. Mahamat also performed related analyses on the seasonality of influenza in tropical regions and the impact of rainfall and humidity on influenza in French Guiana.

In his primary affiliation with the Infectious Diseases Unit of the General Hospital in Cayenne, his central responsibilities include medical consultations and the development of antibiotic prescription guidelines. In contrast, much of his time at Fogarty was spent using statistical software packages to analyze epidemiologic data. During his time in the US, he enjoyed attending scientific lectures at the NIH and visiting the Smithsonian Museums and national monuments in Washington, DC.

Dr. Mahamat received his MD from the University of Lille in 2001 and his PhD in epidemiology from the University of Montpellier in 2008.