Anthony Newall

Dr. Newall graduated from the University of Sydney, Australia, with a MPH and PhD on the economic evaluation of vaccines. After graduation, he worked as research fellow at the National Centre for Immunisation Research and Surveillance (NCIRS), Westmead, New South Wales, and he is currently a lecturer in health economics at the University of New South Wales in Sydney and an honorary fellow at the NCIRS. Presently, most of Dr. Newall’s research is focused on the economic evaluation of prevention strategies for infectious diseases, seasonal and pandemic influenza in particular.

The goals of Dr. Newall’s visits to Fogarty included modeling the influenza- attributable mortality burden in Australia in different age groups, so as to enable a fuller understanding of the uncertainty in the disease burden attributable to influenza. Like Dr. Cohen, Dr. Newall also looked forward to learning new epidemiological techniques and building relationships to enable future collaborations.

When asked what he sees as the most important public health concern in Australia and the world, he responded that, “As a health economist, I would say an important challenge to Australia and the world is to ensure efficiency in health spending. Given the rising cost of healthcare there is an increasing need to reform health spending patterns and apply accountability to decision making. To do the most ‘good’ we need to consider what interventions provide relative value for money, not just which are effective.”