Our goal is to build analytical capacity in influenza research (e.g., time-series analyses, mathematical models, computational methods for analysis of genetic and antigenic data) by:

  • Applying quantitative methods to key public health questions about flu evolution and epidemiology.
  • Organizing annual hands-on training workshops at the NIH or with global partners
  • Hosting visiting guest researchers at the NIH (Bethesda, MD)
  • Establish long-term collaborations with influenza researchers globally
MISMS Flu Workshop Africa - Dakar, Senegal

MISMS Hands-on Training Workshop – Dakar, Senegal

Interested in co-hosting a workshop or visiting FIC as a guest researcher?

Contact us at ficmisms@mail.nih.gov

Primary Areas of Research

  • Influenza virus evolutionary patterns
  • Pandemic influenza
  • Vaccine benefits and influenza control strategies
  • Influenza transmission dynamics
  • Influenza disease burden, tropics, and seasonality