Nesli Saglanmak

Roskilde University, Roskilde, Denmark

Currently pursuing a PhD in applied mathematics from Roskilde University in Denmark, Nesli’s experience at FIC helped guide her current interests in influenza epidemiology. During her six‐month stay at FIC, she worked on age‐related influenza mortality in the years surrounding the 1918 pandemic. Using historical data from Copenhagen, she focused her research on the shift in age structure during and after the pandemic. Nesli will present her findings in December at the Epidemics2 conference in Greece and hopes to publish her findings in a peer‐reviewed journal soon thereafter.

Nesli’s work on modeling physiological systems helped her transition into her current graduate program. Her work with FIC gave her a unique “experience working in a major public health research facility.” Looking toward the future, Nesli hopes to continue researching mathematical models of epidemics.

The diverse interests and experiences of FIC’s researchers helped create a unique collaborating environment that Nesli found both rewarding and educational. Despite working so far from her home in Denmark, she found little to miss because Washington, DC had so much to offer. Finding her colleagues both friendly and inviting, she always felt as welcome part of the group. Still, despite her many positive experiences at FIC, she was admittedly not ready for the weather in DC. “I missed the Danish wind during the very humid summertime in DC.”